Design Team

The OMA Design Team is comprised of K-8 principals who have demonstrated leadership with the OMA program. Meeting three times during the school year, their role includes:

  • Curricular connections that strengthen OMA's implementation
  • Refinement suggestions for the OMA model 
  • Job descriptions for OMA Principals, Arts Integration Specialists, Teaching Artists, Classroom Teachers, and the school
  • Support for school OMA Informances
  • Communication exchange of ideas between OMA schools

OMAWe recharge educators' passion for teaching and assist them in developing techniques that fully engage the multiple intelligences of all students. 

  • Arts are part of classroom instruction in all OMA schools
  • Specialists, classroom teachers, and artists work together with students
  • Promote community bonds with artists and organizations, including UA

Creative expression and the arts are the oldest tools humans have used to explain their world and order their reality.

What is OMA?