Arizona Arts Proficiency Seal

We invite our students to qualify for the Arizona Arts Proficiency Seal.

Arizona State Seal of Arts ProficiencyStudents qualify for the Arts Seal through a combination of academic excellence in their fine arts classes, an exceptional personal interest in the arts demonstrated by time spent in extracurricular artistic activities, and finally, a senior year fine arts capstone project.

Under the mentorship of their fine arts teacher, students create a project that is over and above the typical work of a high school fine arts senior and demonstrates a culmination of their knowledge. A panel of adjudicators, who are experts in the artistic discipline, determine if the student’s project and artistic process is worthy of the Arizona State Seal of Arts Proficiency.

Arts Seal recipients receive an embossed seal on their diploma, a fine arts honor cord to be proudly worn at their graduation ceremony, and the achievement is noted on their student transcript.

Recipients who major in music at the University of Arizona’s Fred Fox School of Music receive a $1000 scholarship, renewable on an annual basis for students who remain in good standing.

How to qualify

Excerpts of past exemplary capstone projects:

About the seal

The goal of the Arizona State Seal of Arts Proficiency, commonly known as the Arts Seal, is to recognize students who demonstrate high levels of proficiency in the Arizona Arts Education Standards through personal expression and creative experiences in arts education programs.

As the result of the initial efforts of our Director of Fine and Performing Arts, Joan Ashcraft; Sabino High School theatre arts teacher, Kris Kissel; and OMA Arts Integration Specialist, Stanton Usher, the Arizona State Seal of Arts Proficiency was signed into law in May of 2019.