Visual Arts

Our visual arts programs focus on 2- and 3-dimensional art while emphasizing the elements of visual arts and the principals of composition.

Expanded application of individual skills focuses on creative expression, analysis, and exhibition.

Through an introduction to varied artistic styles and interpretation, students expand the depth and breadth of connections between content, concepts, and real-world applications.

Student mixes paint while standing behind a table covered with containers of different colored paints.

Sabino HS Collaborative Arts Project
The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

Sabino Visual Arts Teacher Michael Speirs and Theatre Arts Teacher Kristian Kissel collaborated on a project designed around The Raven and other works by Edgar Allen Poe.

They subdivided passages of text in Poe's writings and assigned passages to their Visual Arts and Theatre Arts students to either record readings or create illustrations based on those passages.

Coordinating all aspects of this project proved difficult in the remote learning format while the final project is still a work in progress. When completed, the readings and illustrations will be combined into a video. The illustrations for The Raven are however completed and are shared within.
— Michael Speirs, Sabino Visual Arts Teacher